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Best Natural extract Ingredients for Weight Loss

Some people have an unreasonable diet. They eat less fruits and vegetables, and eat more meat, fried food, and fast food. Coupled with very little exercise, the body is getting fatter and fatter. Obesity not only affects our appearance, but also brings hidden dangers to our health. So, what are the hazards of obesity? Are there any pure natural plant extract ingredients that are safe and healthy for weight loss?

The hazards of obesity

People who are overweight will accumulate more fat in their bodies and their blood sugar will rise more easily. In order to better control blood sugar, need to secret too much insulin. If the pancreas is overloaded for a long time, it is easy to cause functional failure and cause diabetes.

Obese people are usually prone to hypertension. Because these people have thick blood lipids and slow blood flow, they are prone to high blood pressure. To stabilize blood pressure, you must control your weight. Prolonged high blood pressure can cause diseases such as heart disease and stroke, which is very harmful to health.

Heart disease
People who are obese will also have heart problems. In severe cases, they may even experience heart failure, which affects their lifespan.

According to clinical data, people who are obese are more than 40% more likely to develop cancer than normal people. Obese women are more likely to develop endometrial cancer. Men who are obese are more likely to develop gallbladder cancer. Therefore, to reduce the risk of cancer, we must pay attention to weight control.

Kidney disease
Regular intake of too much food can lead to obesity. Too much food will increase the burden on the kidneys, so obese people are prone to kidney disease.

Shortened lifespan
There is a saying that “the longer the belt, the shorter the life.” This is scientifically based. Generally obese people have a shorter lifespan than normal people. This is because obesity will lead to lower body functions and easily induce various diseases, so it will affect lifespan.

Once obesity occurs, treatment is more difficult. So the focus is on prevention. By improving the dietary structure, proper physical activity, and changing lifestyles, the incidence of obesity-related diseases is ultimately reduced.

According to the relevant requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO), weight loss products should meet the health concept of no anorexia, no diarrhea, and no fatigue. Maintaining good dietary habits, exercising and fitness, and taking natural plant extracts at the same time can make the weight loss effect more obvious and safe.

Natural extract ingredients for weight loss

Green coffee bean extract

The active ingredient is chlorogenic acid. It has anti-oxidation, anti-diabetic, weight loss and other effects. The current research found that the main mechanism of action is
(1) Reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose from food,
(2) Reduce blood glucose concentration,
(3) Inhibit the absorption of fat,
(4) Indirectly promote the decomposition of triglycerides in adipose tissue to assist in weight control.

The recommended daily intake of green coffee extract containing 50% chlorogenic acid is 400 mg. It is a natural extract ingredients with weight loss effect.

White Kidney Bean Extract

The kidney bean protein contained in white kidney beans is a natural amylase inhibitor. Its effect is better than that extracted from wheat and crops. It exerts weight loss effect by inhibiting amylase and is excreted through the gastrointestinal tract. Does not enter the blood circulatory system, does not act on the brain center, and does not suppress appetite while losing weight. Mainly used to treat obesity. It is undoubtedly good news for diabetics. People must take it 30 minutes before meals. The recommended daily intake is less than 2000 mg and no more than 500 mg per time to reduce the side effects of diarrhea and vomiting.

Bitter Melon Extract

Bitter melon extract has a good blood sugar lowering effect and is known as plant insulin. Its components can stimulate the release of insulin and hinder the formation of glucose in the blood, with detoxification and blood sugar lowering effects. Because it is extracted from plants, it has no toxic side effects compared with hypoglycemic drugs.

Lotus Leaf Extract

Nuciferine is the active ingredient in lotus leaf and the main lipid-lowering active ingredient in lotus leaf. It can effectively decompose the fat in the body and excrete it strongly. It also can be strong and dense on the human intestinal wall, forming a layer of fat isolation membrane to prevent fat absorption and prevent fat accumulation. Nuciferine is one of the most widely used health natural extract ingredients for lowering blood fat, blood pressure, and cellulite. It is also the “sacred product for lowering blood fat” praised by the authoritative western medical society. Using lotus leaves to lose weight does not require deliberate dieting and has no side effects on the human body.

Citrus Aurantium Extract

The active ingredient of Citrus aurantium extract is synephrine. It can effectively prevent excess energy (calorie accumulation), promote wind and qi, warm the stomach, promote appetite and accelerate metabolism. Therefore synephrine is often used in weight loss drugs. The recommended dosage is 30-130 mg per day, taken within 30 minutes before daily meals or large meals.

Garlic extract

The main active ingredient is allicin. Allicin is a broad-spectrum antibacterial drug with many biological functions such as anti-inflammatory, lowering blood pressure, and lowering blood lipids. It has the function of reducing fat and losing weight. By dissolving fat particles, it promotes the decomposition of fat to achieve the effect of reducing fat and losing weight.

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

5-HTP for weight loss is mainly in satiety.

Red Pepper Extract

Capsaicin in pepper seeds can reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, stimulate lipid metabolism, and promote the separation of lipids from adipose tissue, thereby reducing the capacity of triacylglycerol in the body, achieving weight loss and maintaining a beautiful body.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract HCA

The outer skin of Garcinia cambogia contains a component called HCA (Hydroxycitric acid).
The pharmacological properties of garcinia cambogia are mainly to reduce the synthesis of fatty acids. Therefore, the effect of reducing body fat is greater than reducing weight. For people with normal weight but high body fat, garcinia cambogia health food can be used to reduce body fat synthesis. However, for obese people whose weight exceeds the standard to achieve the goal of weight loss, other weight loss methods such as the use of meal replacements, diet control and increased exercise are needed to effectively achieve this. In addition, Garcinia cambogia has the effect of ventilating and laxative, and it has auxiliary effect for people with indigestion and poor bowel habits.

Garcinia cambogia is suitable to be taken 30 minutes before a meal, 500 mg once, 2-3 times a day, the upper limit of the daily dose is 1500 mg, and it is recommended to consume about 2000 ml of water every day during the period to dilute the body due to fatty acid oxidation The acid toxins produced must be supplemented with fat-soluble vitamins.

Garcinia cambogia HCA has a special feature. It can adjust fat metabolism without affecting protein metabolism. It is not easy to have edema during weight loss.

GymnemaSylvestre extract

GymnemaSylvestre leaves contain saponins, glycosides and other ingredients. Among them, Gymnemic acid and Gurmarin ingredients can block the sweetness of human taste buds. Therefore, eating sweets after taking GymnemaSylvestre leaves can only experience bitterness and astringency, not sweetness, so we can use it to restrain the desire to eat sweets. In addition, GymnemaSylvestre leaves can reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestines and help to lose weight.

For those who just started using GymnemaSylvestre leaves, 100 mg at a time is appropriate, while the general usage of GymnemaSylvestre leaves is 400-600 mg per day (in terms of 75% GymnemaSylvestre folic acid extract), depending on individual conditions. It is also worth mentioning that the GymnemaSylvestre leaf affects the taste buds to experience sweetness for only about two hours, so if you want to quit the attraction to sweets, you must choose the right time.

Luo Han Guo Extract

Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) is rich in mogrosides. Its sweetness is 300 times that of sucrose, but it does not generate heat. Therefore, it is an ideal alternative drink for people who are not suitable for sugar consumption such as diabetes and obesity.


Weight loss advice is to start with diet and exercise, and then supplemented with pure natural extract ingredients. Try to eat (low GI value) foods to help stabilize insulin secretion, thereby reducing fat accumulation. Eat a small amount of meals, chew slowly, eat more high-fiber foods, supplemented with “aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes”, you will surely be able to sculpt your perfect body.

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