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Lotus Leaf Extract Help to Lose Weight

Why are we obese? Perhaps starting from the mechanism of weight loss allows us to understand more clearly what the mechanism of weight loss is. Are there any natural plant extracts that can help us lose weight? Nowadays, lotus leaf extract is a popular material for weight loss.

With the improvement of living standards, busy office workers can only stay in the office, sometimes sitting for a day. The long-term vicious circle allows fat to take advantage of the deficiency, and the accumulation of fat makes people fall into the vicious circle of obesity. We also want to lose weight but are often unable to do so. While there is only one life in our lives, so why live so greasy.

Several main factors of weight gain:

  1. Diet
  2. Activity
  3. Daily routine
  4. Stress adjustment
  5. Diet food

Diet food is only one of the factors in weight loss. The goal of weight loss cannot be achieved by eating weight loss products alone. What are the aspects of diet food and what are the general principles?

  1. Suppress appetite:
    Increase satiety, delay gastric emptying time, and directly affect central nervous system
  1. Inhibit digestion and absorption:
    Inhibition of carbohydrate digestion and absorption: effectively inhibit the action of related decomposing enzymes and delay the speed of absorption
  1. Inhibit the digestion and absorption of fats:
    P the action of lipolytic enzymes, avoid contact between oil and lipolytic enzymes, delay the absorption of fatty acids
  1. Promote metabolism:
    Increase energy consumption, increase fat oxidation, reduce fat formation
  1. Reduce chronic inflammation:
    Anti-oxidant, regulate inflammation

In addition to the above aspects, it also includes improving the intestinal flora and providing micronutrients and so on.

Benefits of Lotus Leaf Extract in weight loss

The lotus leaf is the dry leaf of the lotus plant of the Nymphaeaceae family. “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains “the lotus leaf will make you thin”. It has been widely used clinically for obesity and hyperlipidemia, and has achieved good results. At the same time, lotus leaf is also a product of the same medicine and food.

The lotus leaf has the functions of dehumidification, diuresis and elimination of edema, so it has a good weight loss and lipid-lowering effect for people with edema and constipation. In lotus leaf extract, the main active ingredients are lotus leaf flavonoids, nuciferine and so on. Lotus leaf extract has a lipid-lowering effect. It can inhibit the body’s absorption of fat, and can effectively promote the decomposition of fat.

Lotus Leaf Extract Weight Loss Mechanism

Studies have shown that the alkaloids and flavonoids in lotus leaves can control body weight, prevent obesity, and regulate lipid metabolism disorders. In addition, it can also be used for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and obesity. Among them, the weight loss mechanism of alkaloids mainly affects the proliferation and differentiation of adipocytes and the expression of related obesity factors by affecting the activity of lipase.

The weight loss mechanism of flavonoids in lotus leaves is mainly to reduce the total cholesterol in liver cells. Its role is mainly manifested in promoting lipid metabolism. The inhibitory effect on total cholesterol synthesis is weak.


As a natural weight loss product, the safety of Lotus leaf extract is very good, basically non-toxic. Before use, please consult a doctor in advance.

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