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Dihydroquercetin Benefits in Cosmetics

Dihydroquercetin Benefits in Cosmetics

Dihydroquercetin (DHQ) is a natural antioxidant, bioflavonoids P-vitamin group found in a variety of foods, including onions, milk thistle and larch trees. Research suggests DHQ may support immune, respiratory, skin and cellular health benefits. Dihydroquercetin’s powerful antioxidant properties also make it a perfect natural alternative to synthetic chemicals for food preservation.

Dihydroquercetin (DHQ), also known as 3,5,7,34-pentahydroxy flavanone, is a kind of bioactive flavonoid. Because the molecular structure of DHQ contains five phenolic hydroxyl groups, it is considered to be one of the best and rarest natural powerful antioxidants in the world.

As a powerful natural antioxidant, dihydroquercetin protects cells from harmful consequences caused by an excess of free radicals.

Dihydroquercetin used in cosmetics

– DHQ contributes to the inhibition of oxidative damage of fibroblasts in the skin caused by the depletion of glutathione.

– Adding dihydroquercetin into cosmetic products can help to prevent oxidation of the product itself, which is important if the cosmetics contain unsaturated fatty acids, easily subject to oxidation;

– Due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of DHQ, it is used during the production of cosmetic care products for problem skin. DHQ helps reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, eliminating excess oil, giving skin a healthy appearance.

– Dihydroquercetin strengthens capillary walls, increases their tone, stimulates cell metabolism, protects the skin from UV-radiation. Therefore, creams on the basis of DHQ soften and smooth the skin, protect it from the aggressive effects of the environment.

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