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How to Lose Weight with White Kidney Bean Extract

white kidney beans

White kidney beans are a kind of legumes that we are familiar with in our daily lives. Because of its refreshing taste and rich nutrients, it is quite popular. The white kidney bean extract extracted from white kidney bean has a wide range of applications. Does white kidney bean help weight loss?

The answer is yes. White kidney bean extract has good effect on weight loss.

Natural weight loss benefits of white kidney beans

Kidney bean protein contained in white kidney bean is a natural amylase inhibitor, and its effect is better than that extracted from wheat and other crops. It can treat obesity and diabetes.

Phaseolin – the effective component of white kidney bean extract (also known as kidney bean protein, is a natural α-amylase inhibitor. Amylase inhibitor is a kind of pure natural biologically active substance, which belongs to a kind of glycohydrolase inhibitor. It exists in the endosperm of plant seeds and is “starch blocker” .

The α-amylase inhibitor contained in white kidney beans can fully exert the effect of weight loss through the inhibition of amylase. Excluded from the body through the gastrointestinal tract, it will not enter the blood circulation system in the body, nor will it act on the brain center. It can help us lose weight without suppressing appetite, nor will it be absorbed by the body to produce heat. There will be no side effects when the dosage is high. It conforms to the weight-loss principles of the World Health Organization and is a green material for weight loss. It can lose weight more effectively while ensuring safety.

At the same time, although white kidney beans contain starch blocking agents, they will be heated and lose their activity in the daily cooking process. Therefore, oral supplementation of white kidney bean extract can satisfy the need for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, white kidney bean is a good choice.

White kidney beans extract help weight management

In today’s society, obesity is becoming more and more serious, and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetes related to obesity are also showing an upward trend. Studies have proved that white kidney bean extract has the ability to block starch absorption, thereby reducing calorie intake and achieving the effect of weight management. Research results show that white kidney bean extract can effectively reduce weight and waist circumference, and can be used for weight management.

Other functions of white kidney beans

In addition to inhibiting obesity, white kidney beans can nourish the body, diuresis and reduce swelling, promote physical development, improve memory ability, delay aging, and prevent various senile diseases. It can also used to cure kinds of disease caused by malnutrition. As good green and healthy food, it is also a perfect choice for keto diet.

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