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Gentiopicroside Anti-inflammatory & Anti-allergic Effects

Gentiopicroside gentian extract Anti-inflammatory And Anti-allergic Skin Care Effects

Gentiopicroside is a major active component of the Gentiana scabra Bge., which is commonly used as herbal medicine for the treatment of inflammation in Asia.

Source of Gentiopicroside

Gentian root, we often say gentian extract, the main active ingredient is gentiopicroside. The dried roots and rhizomes of Gentiana manshurica Kitag., Gentiana scabra Bunge, Gentiana triflora pall or Gentiana rigescens Franch. Gentian has the effects of promoting choleretics, anti-inflammatory, invigorating the stomach, and lowering blood pressure. Gentian mainly contains iridoid glycosides, and gentiopicroside is the main active ingredient.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect for skin care

The high content of gentiopicroside is mainly used in the field of cosmetics. Gentian extract has antibacterial effect. The main effects are anti-allergic, reduce redness & swelling, and relieve itching. Both underground roots or above-ground stems and leaves extracts have a strong inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Proteus.

It has a very good activation effect on luciferase, indicating that its effect on atopic dermatitis and allergies. It can be used in cosmetics that inhibit irritation and it is anti-inflammatory.

The effect is clearing away heat and dampness, and can improve skin dryness, itching and other sensitive and uncomfortable conditions. This can enhance the skin’s natural immunity.

It has anti-aging effects. The activation of gentiopicroside on aromatase shows that it has an effect on the level of estrogen in the skin, coupled with the inhibition of elastase and antioxidant properties.


The recommended dosage in cosmetics is 0.03%-0.05%.

Other Applications of Gentiopicroside

Gentiopicroside has the effects of protecting the liver, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-tumor. The low content is mainly used as a veterinary medicine.


Gentian extract is mainly used in various fields such as veterinary medicine, cosmetics, and health products, and it is more and more popular. Need to further develop and study its value.

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