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Puerarin Cosmetic Benefits

Puerarin is a popular cosmetic ingredient.

Puerarin is the main active ingredient of Pueraria isoflavones. It is a popular cosmetic ingredient. Puerarin cosmetic benefits are moisturizing, anti-oxidant and skin whitening. It is used in whitening and freckle-removing cosmetics in many countries.

Benefits of Puerarin in Cosmetics

Breast Enhancement

Puerarin can effectively regulate the endocrine, nourish the human body, balance the body and mind, coordinate the internal organs, improve and restore the body’s own endogenous estrogen metabolism. So as to achieve the purpose of self-cultivation, health care, disease prevention, treatment, breast enlargement and restoration of health.


Puerarin can significantly inhibit the catalytic activity of tyrosinase, interrupt the process of melanin oxidation, and inhibit the occurrence and formation of melanin. Moreover, puerarin has a certain ability to absorb ultraviolet rays, so it can prevent pigmentation such as melasma and sunburn, so as to achieve its whitening and spot removal effect.


Structurally, puerarin contains two phenolic hydroxyl groups and is an isoflavone compound, which is the structural basis for its scavenging effect on oxygen free radicals. Puerarin can significantly inhibit the hemolysis of red blood cells caused by oxidative damage, inhibit the development of peroxidation caused by reactive oxygen species in microsomes, and improve the activity of SOD in the body, and regulate the balance of oxygen free radicals and free radical scavengers in the body. Experimental studies have also shown that puerarin has a scavenging effect on both superoxide anion and OH, showing a certain anti-oxidative and anti-aging effect.

The Applications of Puerarin

Puerarin is mainly used as a natural whitening and freckle-removing ingredient, and is widely used in whitening cosmetics such as lotions, essences, lotions, facial masks, sunscreens, skin care gels and more. It can also be used in shampoos to promote hair growth.

Recommended Dosages:

-Whitening series cosmetics: 0.1-0.2%

-Breast enhancement cream: 0.1-1.0%

-Shampoo, conditioner and other hair products: 2%

Puerarin main benefits

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