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Copper Peptide Freeze-dried Powder Correctly Use

copper peptide freeze-dried powder

Copper peptide freeze-dried powder is currently quite popular. It is a very popular repair skin care product in recent years. It has a good effect on improving facial blemishes, unsmooth skin, and damaged skin. However, there are still some people who are not particularly aware of the effect of it, so I will give you a detailed introduction today.

The functions of copper peptide freeze-dried powder

Repair acne marks

Many people who have acne on their face choose to use some acne products. In fact, in addition to common acne products on the market, copper peptide freeze-dried powder can also be used. This is a kind that can help repair acne or sensitive muscles, and can reduce the formation of scars. Because copper peptide freeze-dried powder contains blue copper peptide (GHK-CU peptide), it can promote the decomposition of collagen, can help repair acne marks and reduce the scars on the face.

Fade acne marks

Many people have unsightly acne marks after they develop acne on their faces. In fact, most of the acne marks are deposited in the deep tissues of the skin, and it is difficult to remove them with general acne products. The freeze-dried powder can reduce the acne marks on the face, because it can not only lighten the acne marks, accelerate the rapid healing of acne, but also deeply decompose the acne marks, thereby reducing acne marks.


The older the skin is, the organs of the skin will relax, and anti-wrinkle care is needed at this time. Copper peptide can play an anti-aging effect. Frequent use of it for skin care can dilute the wrinkles on the face and achieve the effect of firming the skin.

Correct usage of copper peptide freeze-dried powder

The usage of copper peptide freeze-dried powder is very simple. You can mix it with the solvent and use it after cleansing in the morning and evening. You can use it 2-3 times a day.

Generally speaking, it is very good to use it as a basic skin care essence. You can take an appropriate amount of freeze-dried powder and apply it on the face after cleansing, and then use some water emulsion essence for skin care.

If there are some difficult to eliminate acne marks on the face, you can use the peptide freeze-dried powder. It can promote the growth and reproduction of skin tissues, and can decompose and dilute the acne marks, especially some deep stratum corneum acne marks can be decomposed and decomposed. But please pay attention to the correct use.

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